Vaccination schedule of the backyard poultry

Updated: May 20

In the past, the vaccination was only considered necessary in the backyard poultry if there was previous history of the diseases at farm location or at the regional level. However, now a days due to intensive production even at small scale and also due to poor biosecurity measures, the vaccination of the backyard poultry is extremely important in order to withstand the flock and not to lose production. It is even more important if you are raising the birds for income purpose.

When to vaccinates?

There are some vaccines which are mandatory for every flock, however, some of them should be decided based on the following conditions:

  • If your farm and the region have the previous history of particular disease. In this case add that vaccine in the mandatory vaccines list

  • If you are regularly adding new birds to the existing flock (open flock). In this case put the newly coming birds in quarantine for 14 days before mixing up with the existing flock

  • Vaccination for a disease which is not present in your local area can create the problem for future flocks. Because you will introduce a new organism to the flock. Once you started, you have to do every time in future onwards

  • Sick birds cannot withstand the vaccinations stress, therefore vaccinate only healthy birds and treat the sick birds

Vaccination Schedule

Dr. Daulat Rehman Khan-Vaccination schedule backyard poultry
Vaccination Schedule of Backyard Poultry

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